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Nationality: Spanish    |    Date of birth: 03-10-1992    |   Height: 1"64   |    Languages: Spanish and English 

Irene Madrid   (1992, Spain)

Performer, Choreographer and teacher based in Brussels.

Born in Spain, graduated from the Royal Dance Conservatory Mariemma in Madrid, department of contemporary dance, 2014. During her dance training she had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Jose Reches and Pedro Verdayes in various productions, such as "Heaven", "Lovebox50" and "Proud". After her graduation she continued to work in Madrid with the choreographer Teresa Nieto.


In 2016, she decided to move to Brussels, Belgium to continue her career as a freelancer, where she had the pleasure of working with choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus and Marie Martinez. She also had the honor of working as a choreographer during Brussels Fashion Week. Following her work as a performer in Fernando Hurtado's company, Irene danced in the production "Le domino Noir" at the Royal Opera Wallonië Liege. A production which took her to France performed at the Paris Opera for a period. She was the principal dancer at the Royal Theater of La Monnaie/ De Munt with the director Olivier Py in the production of "Gioconda". 


In 2019, relocated to Amsterdam to work at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet in several productions such as Tannhauser by the renowned director Christof Loy as well as "Caballería Rusticana" and "Pagliacci" both by the director Robert Carsen


Irene performed in the production "Bruid te koop" at the ReisOpera in Enschede, Holland under the direction of John Yost. she worked with PHYSICAL MOMENTUM Company, under the direction of Francisco Córdova, in the productions ¨Source" and "Be Careful What You Wish For" in Mexico as well as with in the production "Rusalka" in Madrid, Spain at the Teatro Real, director Christof Loy.


In 2021 she had the pleasure of being the principal dancer at the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse with the director Olivier Py in the production of "Gioconda" At the same time, she finished the International Certification of Personal Trainer, Instructor of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sport Nutrition at the Institute of Health Sciences and Physical Activity ISAF.


Currently, she is working and touring with the company physical momentum with the revival of the production¨ Source¨ and also the revival of Rusalka at the SemperOper in Dresden with the director Christof Loy. She will end this season as a dancer in the production of ¨Les Huguenots¨ at La Monnaie De Munt in Brussels with the director Olivier Py.


Irene has combined her career on stage with teaching at independent studios and schools around the world.

​•  Opera

•  Dance

•  Film


Teatro Real   |   Arabella   |   Spain  |   2022 - 2023   |   Dancer

Theater la Monnaie / De Munt   |   Les Huguenots   |   Belgium   |   2022   |   Dancer

SemperOper   |   Rusalka    |   Germany   |   2022   |   Dancer


Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse    |   Gioconda   |   France   |   2021   |   Principal Dancer

Teatro Real   |   Rusalka   |   Spain   |   2020   |   Dancer 

ReisOpera   |   Bruid te koop   |   Holland   |   2020   |   Dancer

Dutch National Opera & Ballet    |   Tannhauser   |   Holland    |   2019   |   Dancer

Dutch National Opera & Ballet    |   Caballería Rusticana and Pagliacci   |  Holland   |   2019   |   Dancer

Theater la Monnaie / De Munt     |   Gioconda  |   Belgium   |   2019  |   Principal Dancer


Opera Royal Wallonië Liege   |   Le Domino Noir   |   Belgium    |   2018   |   Dancer

Theater National Opera Comique Paris    |   Le Domino Noir   |   France    |   2018   |   Dancer

Physical Momentum - Francisco Córdova   |   Be Careful What You Wish For   |  Mexico   |   2022   |   Dancer


Physical Momentum - Francisco Córdova   |   Source   |  Mexico   |   2020 - 2023   |   Dancer

Song of the goat    |   Apocrypha    |   Poland   |    2020  |   Dancer

Marie Martinez Company   |   Arthographe    |   Belgium   |    2017   |   Dancer

Fernando Hurtado Company   |   Guernica     |   Spain   |    2017   |   Dancer

Ultima Vez - Wim Vandekeybus   |   Cartel Production films    |    Belgium   |    2018   |   Dancer​

•  Comercial

Videoclip Mi Héroe   |   Antonio Orozco & Luis Fonsi   |   Spain   |   2022   |   Choreographer & Dancer


Fashion Week Brussels   |   Stanley & Stella´s Collection    |   Belgium   |   2018   |   Choreographer

Fashion Week Madrid    |   Estrella Arch - Pedro Verdayes    |    Spain   |   2018   |   Dancer

Comercial Add    |   Mercedes Benz,  Peugeot,  Vodafone    |   Spain & Italy   |   2013   |   Dancer

 Training & Workshops 

Fighting Monkey   |  Josef Frucek & Natalia Pieczuro

Flying Low & Passing Through  |  David Zambrano

Body Action   |   Francisco Córdova

Couple Dance   |  David Zambrano & Milan Herich

Ultima Vez - Repertory  |  German Jauregui

Instinct as a Source of Movement   |  Roberto Olivan

Flying in to the Gravity Skills  |  Isael Mata

From Gravity to Lightness  |  Lali Ayguade

Payatt INtransit  |  Rakesh Sukesh

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