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 Training for dancers

Irene Madrid is a professional dancer and International certified personal trainer, bodybuilding, fitness and sport nutrition instructor.

Irene creates a training program, which arises from the need to transmit her knowledge to the  dancers about how to train the different muscle groups, without the need of  material or prior knowledge, through plyometric and functional exercises combined within a high intensity training, aiming at the development of strength, range of motion, stability, speed and endurance.


Participants will learn how to train their body in a completely different way, from the one commonly established, by means of dance codes. This new form will improve the body when the participants dance again, recovering or preventing any type of muscle or joint injury.


The workshop offers the possibility of giving a talk about sports nutrition, in addition to the training program, showing nutritional plans and information about sports supplementation, with the goal of helping them to know how to eat, transmitting knowledge on how to use supplementation in case of injury, to recover more quickly or how to avoid them.

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