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During her career as a professional dancer she has always been connected to the world of fashion and has been commissioned for work both as a choreographer and dancer as a brand ambassador and for fashion shows.

She has also starred in several films and advertisements. 


• Dancer and choreographer for the New Videoclip of Mi Héroe by Antonio Orozco and Luis Fonsi. Madrid, Spain.

•  Film with the choreographer Wim Vandekeybus- Ultima vez Company for Cartel film Production. Belgium.

•  Choreographer at Fashion Week Brussels for the brand: Stanley & Stella´s autumn Collection. Belgium

• Dancer at Fashion Week Madrid  designer : Estrella Arch. Choreographer: Pedro Verdayes. Spain. 

• Dancer during the charity fashion show for Amnesty International in Madrid. Choreographer: Pedro Verdayes.

•  Dancing at Comercial Add: Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Vodafone. Spain & Italy

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