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You will have both diet plan and training plan during 12 weeks, created specifically for you and adjusted to your needs.

They will be structured taking in consideration your working hours and being able to make adjustments if you have to travel. You will also have the possibility of get advices about sports supplementation to help you to achieve your goals more effectively.


Tracking type

You will have 2 reviews during the month structured as follows:

  • At the begining of the plan: To make an initial evaluation, know your objectives and adjust the plan to your preferences.

  • Fourth week: At the end of the fourth week to resolve doubts evaluate your progress and take updated measurements, photos and make the necessary changes for the month.


More Info about the plans !

nutrition PLAN

  • You will receive a complete diet created by a nutritionist in which you will have several food options to choose during the day, you can always have variety in your meals.


  • Evaluation: Before preparing your meal plan, we will make an initial evaluation to adjust it to your needs and preferences, always having in mind your objective.


  • Variety: The diets are adjusted to your tastes and preferences (vegan, vegetarian, carnivore).


  • Frequency: (Days a week) Of training and time to carry out each session adapted to your schedule and objectives.


  • Routines: The routines will be created for gym or home, as you choose, adapting them to the material that you have at home.

  • Exercises: They will come with the name and the explanation.

about prices !

Do you want more info about prices ?   Contact us!

Do you want more info about prices ?   Contact us!

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